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Degreasing powder discoloration is degreasing effect is good or degreasing effect is poor

 2024-02-20 | View:552

What is the discoloration of oil removal powder related to? The color change of the oil removal powder mainly depends on the combination of surfactant and inorganic base, the color change of oil removal powder is actually the result of the reaction of surfactant and inorganic alkali salt, he makes the oil removal powder from a single emulsification to saponification emulsification transformation process, the cleaning power of oil removal powder also rises.

The effect of color degreasing powder will be good, which is mainly determined by the production process, if the selected surfactant is not resistant to strong alkali, then the degreasing powder will also appear discoloration (mainly showing black), but the degreasing effect will become worse and even cannot be used.

In short, when the surfactant you use can resist strong alkali, and the configured oil removal powder gradually changes from white to yellow, pink, etc., then the high-end oil removal powder development is completed, your product will be more competitive!