Focus on Textile Chemicals Industry

Textile Chemicals Specialist

Hi-ciwa is a leading manufacturer of textile chemicals from pretreatment through finishing, such as: scouring agent, oil-remove agent, soaping agent, fixing agent, leveling agent, rub fastness improver, anti-back staining agent, polyester hydrophilic softener, cotton softener paste and silicone oil, etc. Main customer group are dyeing and finishing factories. Besides, we also make raw materials like polyethylene glycol monooleate 400MO and 600MO, N-alkyl phthalimide and acid regulation (ethylene glycol diformate).
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  • Focus on Textile Chemicals Industry
  • Hi-ciwa Mfg's core business is textile specialty chemicals
    We rank No.1 supplier to domestic textile chemicals agents.
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    The effect of water-soluble silicone oil in daily life.
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    Suggestions for solving yellowing of bleached cloth