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The melting effect of ice silicone oil on various pesticide fungicides

 2023-09-18 | View:725

Due to bacterial invasion, the decomposition of ice silicone oil in the natural environment is not as much as most organic compounds, but it can be said that due to the catalytic effect of sand in the soil, it will decompose into more simple ice silicone oil on the dissolution of various fungicides single molecules. Evaporating into the air, silica water and substances left in the soil are organosilicon compounds soluble in water and further decomposed into silicic acid under ultraviolet light in sunlight, silicic acid is a compound naturally found in Marine water. Therefore, after large and long-term use, there is no need to worry about the accumulation and residue of silicone oil.

Ice silicone oil is more special than ordinary amino silicone oil, its function is better than ordinary amino silicone oil, and its chemical properties are more stable. Ice silicone oil alone has good drape properties and can also be used with other softeners. In addition, the application field of ice silicone oil is suitable for pure cotton and cotton drawn fabrics. Silicone oil has low temperature viscosity coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, high oxidation point, low volatility and insulation, low surface tension, no corrosion to metal, no toxicity and other special properties. Reverse osmosis membranes Because of these properties, silicone oils have excellent results in many applications.