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The characteristics and practical effects of denim brightener are analyzed deeply

 2023-08-28 | View:961

Denim brightener is a special active dyeing aid. Denim brightener is mainly used in yarn finishing and textile denim finishing. Jeans are treated with a whitening agent to produce a high gloss, deeper, sharper, higher elasticity and tensile strength.

Recently, silicone emulsions with denim whitening agent as the main direction have been prepared in the market

Experiments have shown that the single silicone oil emulsion is very effective in verifying the application effect. Therefore, in this study, high-viscosity methyl silicone oil and amino silicone oil were prepared by an "external emulsification method" and then emulsified by selecting a suitable emulsifier and emulsification process. A stable O/W silicone emulsion was prepared and compounded. The properties and practical application effects of the emulsion were studied. Large molecular weight methyl silicone oil emulsion is mainly composed of a certain proportion of amino silicone oil emulsion and adiabatic components. Denim whitening agent was prepared by measuring the molecular weight and mixing of methyl silicone oil, and the synthetic denim whitening agent can effectively endow fabric with fabric. Moisture absorption, brightness and oiliness are particularly effective with wool and its cotton blend fabrics and denim finishes.

The experimental part of denim whitening agent is: experimental drug, main equipment, synthesis process, preparation of methyl silicone oil ink and amino silicone oil emulsion, preparation of methyl silicone oil and amino silicone oil emulsion, performance test, determination of silicone oil viscosity, inverse infrared spectrum analysis, emulsion particle morphology, emulsion surface tension measurement and storage stability test