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Gloss and calender finish of cotton type fabric

 2024-03-11 | View:330
  • Fabric gloss: fabric surface smooth, no fluff, fiber, yarn parallel, flat, fabric surface directional reflective light ability, reflective light intensity, fabric gloss is strong. Otherwise it's dim.

  • Mechanical calendering finishing principle: wet and hot pressing, fabric yarn is compressed, pressed down, fabric surface smooth, smooth, diffuse reflection weakened, directional reflection increased, so that gloss enhanced.

  • Calendering finishing machine, calendering machine-three high or five high, seven high arrangement.

  • Process, to wet---- stretch drying---hot rolling, press-- cooling cloth,

  • laminated calendering, so that several layers of fabric stacked together, through the same rolling point, the fabric rolling each other, there are ripple effect, texture clear, shiny, soft.

  • Friction calendering, when calendering, the friction roller (upper roller) rotating speed faster, so that the fabric by friction calendering effect, obtain a strong gloss. Feel hard and thin.

  • Electro-optical finishing, hard roller surface engraved with parallel fine twill, so that the fabric surface rolling parallel lines, regular directional reflection of light, like silk luster.

  • Texture finishing machine: one can be heated hard roller and a soft roller. The surface of the hard roller is engraved with a positive pattern, while the surface of the soft roller is engraved with a corresponding negative pattern. When the fabric is rolled and pressed, it runs at the same speed and produces concave and convex patterns on the fabric.