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How to improve the soaping fastness in the dyeing process of knitted fabrics?

 2023-06-26 | View:847

Color fastness has the sun fastness, soap fastness, perspiration fastness, friction fastness, sublimation fastness, ironing fastness, these fastness, the key lies in the structure of the dye, but also with the fiber, dye concentration, dyeing and finishing process, external conditions are closely related, so the color fastness is up to the standard, the key is to choose the dye, followed by the dyeing process and the application of additives.

When the dyeing process is formulated, it must be reasonably determined according to the dye, fiber and customer indicators, so that the dye is dyed as fast as possible under certain conditions with the help of the auxiliary agent, so that it is fully fixed, for the auxiliary agent, one is to choose a good leveling agent and dyeing agent, so that the dye is slow, uniform and fully dyed on the fiber; The second is to add a chelating agent to overcome the dye and metal ions in water to form a floating color, and reduce the hydrolysis of reactive dyes in water; The third is to choose excellent soap to clean the floating color and prevent the floating color from staining the fabric again; At present, there is no ideal color fixing agent for sublimation fastness, sun fastness, etc. There are excellent color fixing agents for soap washing fastness, perspiration fastness, friction fastness and other indicators to choose.For example, the non-foaming soap washing powder of Zhuangjie Chemical Industry has excellent washing and dispersion, floating, chelating ability, almost no bubbles, and can be used for the soap washing of fabrics after dyeing with reactive dyes, VAT dyes, ice dyes and other dyes, and can wash away the attached (non-binding) dyes in the fibers, significantly improving the color fastness and washing fastness.