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What surfactants are used to reduce the height of the foam

 2024-01-30 | View:1088

When you think about foam reduction you think about defoamer, or you think about nonfoaming surfactants. There are many kinds of defoamer popular on the market now, many of which are defoamer unstable, or can continue to reduce the foam, but the emulsification decontamination ability also decreases. The addition of non-foaming or low-foaming surfactants and feel that the price is too expensive, want to reduce the cost but not reduce the effect of decontamination. Focus on the total cost! Total cost! Total cost! It must not be high! The simplest and most effective method is to mix an emulsifier with a high HLB value (an emulsifier with an HLB value of 13 or more) with a very small amount of a foam inhibitor (AL-602) to reduce the foam. The foam inhibitor is different from the antifoam agent, and the foam inhibitor has a rapid foaming function, but it will not affect the effect of cleaning emulsification and oil removal, and can also increase the cleaning and emulsification strength. Therefore, the foam height is too high not necessarily only defoamer, you can also use foam suppressant