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Spandex knitted fabric dissolves during pre-treatment

 2024-03-04 | View:431

Several aspects to analyze:

1. Spandex wire is too thin , pay attention to the weight of the blank

2. the predetermined temperature is too high or the predetermined speed is too slow

3. after the predetermined type should be placed for 24 hours, until the spandex wire is completely cooled and solidified before you can go to the pretreatment dyeing the quality of spandex wire is very different, pay attention to the test, some 185 degrees on the problem, some more than 200 degrees are no problem

5.pretreatment attention can not be too strong

6.another point: when the wet predetermined type, the temperature of the predetermined type where the grey cloth has oil traces will be much higher, causing spandex damage

7.Spandex is better for hydrogen peroxide stability!

8.The stability of alkali at room temperature is also better!

9.But in the case of concentrated alkali high temperature damage is more serious!

10.Concentrated alkali high temperature can not be 40s cotton spandex sweatcloth in the spandex wire dissolved!

11.The main reason for the appearance of mesh is also the high temperature heat setting!

12.Under the action of tension to break the spandex wire! There is a mesh phenomenon!