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The actual effect of the softener of amino silicone oil and other organic chemical-based co-modified materials is mainly manifested

 2023-06-19 | View:110

一、 Softener modified with amino silicone oil softener and glycerol:

Softener prepared with amino silicone oil softener and triglyceride modified silicone oil gives both softness and hydrophilicity. Fiber amino silicone oil and other organic base co-modified softener performance:

Amino silicone softeners and triglyceride co-modified silicone oils can be anionic surfactants, such as alkyl sodium sulfate 。Or sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate.

Non-ionic deactivators such as polyvinyl chloride alkyl phenol ethers and polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers, cationic surfactants such as quaternary ammonium salts and zwitterionic surfactants such as alkyl betaine, which are formulated into emulsion softeners and other fibers, processing AIDS such as anti-wrinkle agents, permeants, flame retardants can be added when preparing the bath. The soft and hydrophilic finishing of various natural fibers and their synthetic fiber products can be carried out by conventional finishing methods.

二、Amino silicone oil softener/polyether modified silicone oil and epoxy or carboxyl modified silicone oil composite softener:

The amino/polyether co-modified silicone oil formulation softener can be cross-linked with epoxy modified silicone oil and carboxyl modified silicone oil, and the amino group and epoxy or carboxyl group form a long-acting film on the fiber surface during the finishing process

.The composite softener is suitable for the treatment of various natural fibers, synthetic fibers and their fabrics, woven fabrics, filled cotton and non-woven fabrics, so that the fabric has long-lasting softness, smoothness, water absorption and anti-friction electrification.Sex, stain resistance, wrinkle resistance and compression recovery.