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The effect of water-soluble silicone oil in daily life

 2023-07-10 | View:490

Water-soluble silicone oil The product is a water-soluble silicone oil in life containing a variety of active genes of silicone oil, completely soluble in water.Used for finishing cotton, wool, silk and polyester fibers to make them soft and breathable, smooth and anti-static. Water-soluble silicone oils are used in cosmetics to improve their smoothness and smoothness. The product has extremely low saturated vapor pressure, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oxidation and radiation resistance, chemical stability, high vacuum and water-soluble silicone oil. It is the most ideal liquid medium material in high vacuum system. Here are some of the functions of water-soluble silicone oil:

1, water-soluble silicone oil is used as a leveling agent for paint and polyurethane slurry, which can reduce the internal friction and stress of its molecules, so as to achieve the effect of flow and defoaming.

2, cosmetics industry for the production of face cream products, water-soluble silicone oil, lubricating skin, moisturizing anti-wrinkle effect.

3, it is a key component of the preparation of self-emulsifying defoamer and delayed coking defoamer in the oil refining industry.

4, used to manufacture efficient cutting fluid, high-grade cleaning agent.

Used as a foam stabilizer for foamed polyurethane foam systems to make cells fine and uniform.

5, it can be added to plastics as an internal additive. Water-soluble silicone oil is used to generate anti-fog and improve light transmittance in non-drip film greenhouses.