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Organic chemical ice sensitive silicone oil solves the bleached oil situation

 2023-07-17 | View:418

Although the popular cotton shirts and cotton underwear in the market are comfortable to wear, the fabric is also very breathable and hydrophilic, but it still cannot meet everyone's psychological requirements. In view of this situation, there is a need for a product that can be used on cotton to increase the feel of cotton fabric in the case of organic ice silicone oil treatment bleaching oil, while maintaining the feel, breathability and hydrophilicity of the cotton fabric, while increasing the smooth, silky feel and soft texture. Ice silicone oil is more special than ordinary amino silicone oil products, its function is better than ordinary amino silicone oil, and its chemical properties are more stable. Ice silicone oil alone has good drape properties, and can also be used in combination with other softeners. Fabrics treated with ice silicone oil have a soft and smooth feel, and have an excellent elastic style, and look cool.

If the ambient temperature is higher than normal, it is best to heat the silicone defoamer thinner to the desired temperature and observe.Some defoamants do not float when diluted. However, bleaching at the use temperature indicates that the siloxane defoamer may have oil at the use temperature, which may cause problems due to bleaching.