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Selecting printing and dyeing auxiliaries must pay attention to the problem

 2023-07-17 | View:435

This is a prerequisite for choosing printing and dyeing auxiliaries. To use additives, you must have a basic understanding of the basic concepts, basic structure, performance and use characteristics of printing and dyeing AIDS. If an exception is found, you can analyze and handle the cause in time. As long as you understand the basic structure, you can grasp it. Therefore, when using a new printing and dyeing agent, the supplier must inform the structural type of the agent. For example, the softeners used are amino silicone oil softeners, hydroxyl silicone oil softeners, fatty amide softeners and imidazoline. Application plant should know which softener and fatty acid paraffin softener.The acid-base resistance of dyeing AIDS must be determined. This makes it easy to understand whether additives can be adapted to process needs. The resistance of additives to acid and alkali is very poor. Anionic surfactants are usually tolerated. Bases are not acid-resistant, of which phosphates have the best alkaline resistance and carboxylic acids have the worst acid tolerance. Cationic surfactants are generally resistant to acids and bases. Nonionic surfactants are resistant to weak bases and acids, but not to strong acids and bases. The printing and dyeing plant must first test whether the additives used in the process will be cloudy or precipitated according to the process requirements. One factory uses imported AIDS for crawling and bleaching. There is no problem at first, then successive wrinkles appear, and after dyeing the surface of the fabric is scattered with irregular color spots. When the box is opened, solid materials of different thicknesses are formed on the guide roller. The original is a sediment deposited by additives, which is not alkali resistant. When it sticks to the cloth, it forms color spots when dyed. Therefore, the alkali and acid resistance of the additives used must be determined. When cold rolled pileMore attention should be paid to this when being bleached